Why choose GVI as your video production company?

By its very nature, a video production is high profile.  It’s an excellent opportunity for your organization to shine and enhance your brand.  But no two video production companies are alike.  Here’s why you want to hire us: 

Calm.  Cool.  Collaborative. 

Our staff has an unusual amount of experience as a video production company.  Seven of our key people have been here for over a decade.  Their longevity and teamwork create efficiencies and a stress-free energy you won’t find at other places.  Our goal is to do great work for you in a creative, collaborative, and positive environment.  We welcome the exchange of ideas.  We want to hear yours.  

We take it personally. 

Your project is not just any project.  We understand just how important it is to you and your organization.  So rest assured you’ve got our entire team behind you.  Each and every one of us is dedicated to making sure you look good.

Expect the unexpected. 

Change happens all the time during a course of producing a video.  That’s why GVI has all of the creative and technical services you’ll ever need in-house.  So when those last minute revisions or additions come down the line, relax.  We’re ready to accommodate them.

Repeat as necessary. 

We work with a lot of high profile clients, not only in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, DC metro area, but nationally and internationally, too. They come back to us again and again because they enjoy working with us, and they’re delighted with the results. You will be, too.