Yes, we can do that.

GVI is a full service production company. With emphasis on
the service.

GVI is an experienced, full service video production company, specializing in getting real people to reveal what matters to them most.

Script-to-Screen Production

GVI produces many types of video productions, including public image, advocacy, fundraising, promotional, and awards programs. Major associations, corporations, foundations and government agencies seek our help because we add value, a fresh perspective, and imagination to every video production. We’re dedicated professionals and we deliver a superior product.

We begin by making it our business to understand what’s unique about your business. We take your overall communication strategy into account, determining the best way to connect with your audience. Throughout the video production process, we collaborate with you at every step, staying focused on your goals for the program.

Camera Crews

What’s unique about GVI is our expertise behind the camera. Early on, we shot news and documentaries, which quickly taught us to be flexible and adaptable—and how to get the best out of any situation.

We’re especially proud of our camerawork and lighting. These two critical elements make your video production look polished and professional.

You can count on our seasoned crews to be extremely organized and efficient, helping streamline the entire production process. They are available to work in our studio—or anywhere in the world you need them.


Editing is both a technical process—and an art form.

Our editors are incredibly skilled at storytelling, instinctively using each video moment to bring the storyline to life. Just as important: they know what to leave behind if it’s not adding emotion or impact to the narrative.

GVI has three Avid Media Composers. They are networked, ensuring access to your project from anywhere in our facility.

Audio Post Production

Audio, whether spoken word, sound effect, or music, plays directly to our emotions. So we pay just as much attention to how your video production sounds as to how it looks. We have two recording studios at GVI, perfect for recording narration or conducting interviews.

Graphics and Animation

Our designers add insight and context to your video production through the use of animated graphics. Animation is also a great tool for interactive presentations, DVDs and websites. We design and create animated opens, logo treatments, maps and motion graphics.

Music Libraries

GVI has access to thousands of royalty-free and rights-managed songs that give your video production just the right feel. Music libraries are a surprisingly affordable way to supply drama to a video without the added expense of an original music recording.


GVI provides live and on-demand video streaming for any size webcast, from single-camera on-location conferences to elaborate studio town-hall meetings. We design the interface, coordinate the editorial content, on-camera talent, and production facilities for a professional, polished production.

Interactive Media

We design interactive presentations, websites and webinars that incorporate video to convey a clear and consistent message. We can also publish and distribute your video in any format you need. Our services include video encoding, captioning, subtitling, Blu-Ray and DVD authoring, and disc duplication.